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Action packed good deeds are funded by urban folk who live more giving what they do have; and live less grasping for what they don't have. It's a life of incremental change; a life about faith, culture and community. Join our network of partners by funding a ministry project and meeting the needs of urban folk in your community.


URBANwell Magazine


We've adapted the traditional hyperlocal magazine model to serve a greater purpose. We impact local communities by publishing stories written and designed by local urban folk who have encountered God in their everyday lives. As business owners, church leaders, artists, students and more, they live urban well and share the kind of stories our readers thirst for.


Our annual publishing budget requires daily faith but when we break down the expenses, it costs $2.50 per issue to influence our community. That's less than a cup of coffee to enter the homes of the faithful, and unreached families, with good news.


Since December 2015, URBANwell Magazine has received financial support through local philanthropists. In an effort to develop the long-term sustainability of the magazine and serve local businesses, churches and charities, we produce affordable print and digital advertising. This ministry project has become a beloved resource used to break down social barriers between genders, generations and gospel-sharing urban folk. Will you help us continue this good work? GIVE WELL →


URBANwell Magazine
Food Pantry Express


Hunger is largely an unspoken problem, especially for families with children. It's a reality that faces people from all walks of life. Hunger exists among the homeless and unemployed. Hunger exists in the homes of the underemployed. As the publishers of URBANwell Magazine, we've learned that good deeds must accompany good words. Not long after launching URBANwell Magazine, we were asked to rescue a mobile food pantry. Since then, we've fed over 6000+ people.


As registered agents of the Feed America Program, we have access to fresh produce and proteins. On the third Saturday of each month, we provide $40-50 worth of groceries per family in need. Our cost per family is $2.75.


It's a ministry project that matters to the hungry, and to a growing network of local businesses, churches and charities who currently sponsor over 300 families per month. They give financially and they show up, month after month, to help distribute food. We are approved to feed 1000 families per month, and will increase our capacity as needed. Will you help us continue this good work? GIVE FOOD →


URBANwell Magazine
Scholarships & Grants


When we launched a creative platform to engage faith, culture and community, we invited urban folk to co-publish with us as writers, photographers and designers. Everyday urban folk shared story leads and nominated spotlights. We followed their leads and interviewed individuals, businesses, churches and charities. We were encouraged by the aspirations of the next generation. We were inspired by the talent of emerging artists. We were convicted by the challenges facing students. We realized that we had to do something more than publishing spotlights in order to celebrate the hopes and dreams of urban folk. In response, we began a new chapter and established a Scholarship and Grant Fund.


In 2018, our goal is to give the following scholarships and grants:

  • 4 NextGen SpotLight Grants, at $3,000 each, for a total of $12,000.
  • 10 School-ology Scholarships, at $1,000 each, for a total of $10,000.
  • 12 Arts & Culture Grants, at $1,000 each, for a total of $12,000.


The scholarships and grants have been funded by urban folk from all spheres of life, ranging from individual families, local businesses, churches and charities. The program has inspired a great deal of financial support and community buzz, and has encouraged the growth of the recipients. We are excited to expand the program and celebrate many more urban folk. Will you help us continue this good work? GIVE HOPE →